Personal Biography

Charles Castleman is a man of many interests, many facets


He graduated Harvard, followed by a graduate degree from The University of Pennsylvania and published essays on Renaissance madrigals + 19th century performer-composers.


Expert on Hungarian music, due to his Emanuel Ondricek and Eugen Lehner training and wide-ranging personal research, his CD of the “Scenes from the Csarda” by Jeno Hubay with the Eastman Chamber Orchestra was released by Music and Arts. Hubay was both a historic violinist and very influential musician, who trained Solti, Szell, Lipati, Szigeti, Sebok, and Starker, and hired Bartok, Dohnanyi, Kodaly in his capacity as Director Liszt Academy in Budapest . Brahms greatly valued him; almost all Brahms chamber music first was tried out in Budapest with Hubay and Popper at house-concerts before the Viennese official premieres



50 years ago, not long out of school, given $1500 and a handful of scholarships in April, he recruited 9 string quartets by July to attend a 8-week workshop in chamber music and group dynamics at Saratoga, NY he named The Quartet Program. later renamed The Castleman Quartet Program.  On its website alumni who have maintained contact with Charles Castleman are listed by profession: 260 members of major orchestras, 133 college teachers, 118 members of professionally active chamber groups,:49 section leaders of “A” and “B” orchestras, 26 in arts management, 19 in the medical arts, 15 lawyers, 14 in business and finance, 9 in the recording and film industry, and soloists, motivational speakers, engineers and luthiers.

In 1995, for a season, a satellite program for String Quartets ready for management took place in Vail Colorado.  A QUARTET PROGRAM for European and American Conservatory graduates took place in late August in Oberwart, Austria;



Perhaps the most successful current artist at combining two equal careers as major teacher and performer, Charles Castleman manages national and international tours without students going even a week without lessons:-lessons at beginning one week + end of next, never less than 5 days apart




Bicycles 20-30 miles every day

well-known as collector of (1) violin bows (2) Inuit (Canadian Eskimo) sculpture